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Bella Italia in the middle of Hamburg!

In the middle of the listed Industriehof, near the Hammerbrook S-Bahn station, you'll find them all. At ALITALIA, craftsmen, agency and office employees, families with high chairs for their children and lots of young people dine - day in, day out. The most popular Italian restaurant in Südstadt is always full, always lively, and the food is always delicious.
Our tip: Order spaghetti gamberoni (king prawns in tomato sauce) or calamari livornese (squid rings with capers and tomato sauce) - you'll melt away!
There is a wonderful bustle, you sit rustic, enjoy the delicious food and the industrial charm of the location.
Italy lives - and that in the middle of Hammerbrook.


Hammerbrookstr. 93

20097 Hamburg

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