Balloon flight

the niu Home

Above the clouds the freedom must be boundless

6 o'clock in the morning. There is still dew on the meadows. A deer is having breakfast by the wayside. The birds are chirping.
You are on your way to Rothenburgsort, to the Entenwerder Elbpark. With a tingling anticipation in your belly.
And rightly so!

This day will literally lift you up. Head in the clouds? Here you go!
A balloon ride over the rooftops, meadows, bridges and buildings of Germany's most beautiful city will be a memorable experience.
You will realize that the Hanseatic city is dotted with countless islands and that it is absolutely true that Hamburg is the city with the most bridges in Europe.

The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking, the feeling of flying intoxicating. Your perfect day in Hamburg could be like this or something similar. Get a good night's sleep at our the niu Yen in Hammerbrook, put on some comfortable shoes and soar into heavenly spheres. If you wish, you can also propose to your loved one high above. We heard that the crew takes the "proposal suitcase" into the air for this case....

Hach, seems like love is in the air. We can't describe this event to you in a more unkitish way. It will be a "once in a lifetime" event. With or without a proposal. Promised!

Start is in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort, in the Entenwerder Elbpark. More information about prices, routes and bookings can be found at:

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