Maritime cosmopolitan

the niu Home

Longing ahoy

The much-cited and -sung longing that port cities have had since time immemorial is perfectly staged in our the niu, in Hammerbrook. Throughout the furniture designs, decorative partitions and ceilings, the yearning for travel is echoed through sail, ship and plank elements. The light wood surfaces dance in perfect harmony with maritime blue tones and gray ship surfaces. You feel comfortable. You feel at home! And yet you feel the vastness of the world. In your room, the lobby, the corridors. Wonderful! The interplay of homeliness and wanderlust is magnificently presented. Hamburg shows its humorous side and makes you smile with its weather visuals. Our the niu Yen becomes your very personal harbor. Heuer an, segle los und Allzeit gute Fahrt! Welcome to "Hamburch"!

Art on the waterfront!

The port city of Hamburg is cosmopolitan and absolutely multifaceted - the perfect place for art that deals with cultural influences from all over the world. We are very proud that a Hanoverian with Chilean-Peruvian roots has transformed our the niu Yen into another art pearl in beautiful Hamburg.

Jurena Munoz aka JU MU enchants the world with her art, colorfulness and precision. She expresses in her performances her diverse interests for the shaman cult and the connection between humans, spirit world and nature.

These inspirations serve as JU MU's influence for her masks, canvases or murals. See JU MU's magic for yourself at Nordkanalstrasse 46.

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