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Contemporary art is admittedly polarizing at times. To get an adequate picture of modern art, you simply have to experience it.
The Hamburger Kunstverein curates the up and coming artists of our time and presents exhibitions, events and readings around them at regular intervals.

Whether you like everything is, as I said, a matter of opinion. Whether you understand everything is also a matter of opinion. But inspirations are always good, always important and sometimes, we heard, there's an artist crush. So off you go to Klosterwall 23.

Names like Tanya Feldman, Jakob Sitter and Andrzej Steinbach mean nothing to you? Not yet! In 2022, the Kunstverein presents exhibitions and artistic happenings full of curiosity and exciting perspectives. The here and now, with all the social and sometimes political developments and confusions, will be interpreted by these and other artists worth experiencing. You should not miss this!

Quote: "The Kunstverein in Hamburg has always been committed to promoting those artists who are producing today and helping to shape the cultural heritage of the future. The program is guided by international developments in contemporary art and is committed to promoting and presenting high-quality artistic experiments that, accompanied by discourse, continue to drive the development of contemporary exhibition."

Good to know: The Hamburger Kunstverein in Hamburg is a non-profit and registered association that specializes in the mediation of contemporary art. It was founded in Hamburg back in 1817.


Kunstverein Hamburg
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg

Credits Headerbild: Kunstverein in Hamburg, Installationsansicht, Carnivalesca, Fred Dott, 2021

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