Electrifying design: the perfect wave!

the niu Home

Hertz-style interior design

The scientist Heinrich Hertz (inventor and first user of the electromagnetic wave) is not only the namesake of our the niu Wave, his important work has also significantly influenced our interior concept. You will find the eponymous symbol of the wave in all shapes and colours - in fabrics, carpets and panelling.

You will also be fascinated by translucent surfaces, such as the mirror in the entrance area, which reflect the entire light spectrum. Even better: as soon as the daylight disappears, cool neon lettering creates spectacular and futuristic effects.

Feeling purple yet? The wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are known to be represented in a light spectrum. Short wavelengths in particular are visualised in ultraviolet. We have added purple colour accents where you probably wouldn't expect them. Let them have an effect on you!

In short: there's a touch of pioneering spirit and Big Bang Theory feeling in the air. Everything in the niu Wave is perfectly staged, nothing is left to chance here.

Welcome to Karlsruhe - we hope you'll stay!