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One day with blogger „Förde Fräulein“

Finja is the North. All the way. The blogger, who is known under the name „Förde Fräulein“, loves her home and heritage. You can tell by her lovely blog entries and immediately, when you meet her. She arrives by bike, carrying a raincoat and an enchanting smile on her face. The true-North coastal girl has taken us on a tour through „her Kiel“ and what can we say? Thank you, dearest Finja, Kiel has completely won our heart. We will be back!

Finja’s stops are:

  1. “Meerfach” - you will go crazy for this! They have everything and lots of it. Jewelry, accessoires, and lots of things for decoration, paper, toys, children’s clothing, favorites for your pet, bags, culinary delights from local producers and just an amazing amount of wonderful ideas for gifts - all of this with maritime feel to it. Great: at the “Meerfach” designers and creatives can rent out boxes and sell their creations at fair cost. This way the items on offer in the store remain lively and diverse. You will find something there, guaranteed. 

  2. At the “Schiffercafé” you can find seasonal and regional products, all of which are freshly prepared. You have to try the fish, right off the boat, or the prawn (grown in the water of Kiel’s firth), or if you dare, the ecologically certified scallops.

Are you more of a sweet tooth? Freshly baked cakes will get your mouth watering in a second. But it doesn’t matter what you decide on, any choice is amazing. Everything here just tastes right, all of it is worth it.


  1. “Meerfach”, Schülperbaum 15, 24103 Kiel
  2. "Schiffercafe" with "Kombüse", Tiessenkai 9, 24159 Kiel

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