Northern Exposure

the niu Home

Dive deep and calm

The niu Welly unites a maritime ambience of comfort with a clever functionality. You can find it in the elegant and stylish rooms all the way to the inviting and relaxed Living-Lounge. The design concept is locally inspired - by the harbor and the sea. In every nook of the niu Welly you will find a little bit of Baltic wind and brine - the fish wallpaper, the lamps looking like buoys or the decoration of fishing nets. Not cluttered but precisely styled and with a sense of humor. Northern elements invite you to use them as Instagram background for your posts, the maritime color scheme of yellow and blue perfectly creating that look friends and family will love. Another highlight: street art by Tasek, which makes the niu Welly into an urban and individualistic hotspot to meet with friends.

The graffiti artist Gerrit Peters, aka Tasek, lives and works in Hamburg. In his work, he pushes the envelope on social expectations by using direct and expressive tools while remaining very abstract in his imagery. The Braunschweig-born artist does not accept any stylistic or methodological boundaries. In his art, the illustrator combines spraying techniques with silkscreen technology. His clear colors and geometry are a counterpoint to the sensory overload of public space. At the niu Welly he has let his imagination run free - inspired by wind, water, and the sea. Come on over and surf a Tasek wave with us, be inspired by his street art. 

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