A Night in Lübeck

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A very special cultural tip

Do you remember them, from when you were a child? Night hikes? They were scary, but also exciting. Something amazing and special. Oh, where have the times gone? 

In Lübeck, there is a special service that reminds us of those fond childhood memories. The so-called „Night Watch Walk“ caters more to the needs of grown-ups though. There is no campfire, no marshmallow roasting, and no stories told by flashlight — too bad, really. But there is the whole city of Lübeck at night. And lots of dark little secrets to uncover.

„Immerse yourself in the stories of legendary Lübeck at night. Roam the medieval alleyways, passages, and courtyards and learn about the dark side of the city.“

Sounds boring? We guarantee that it is not. Roaming the dark streets, listening to the stories of old, you will forget the here and now. The tour starts at dusk and takes you through the city, by heritage sites, through the cathedral’s quarter and the old city walls. The night watch (appropriately dressed in historical costume) will tell a variety of stories from Lübeck’s history – there will be scares, but also laughter.

We would participate any night. 


Please be aware: Binding and current information on bookings and prices can be found at the website: http://www.luebeck-erleben.de/programm-nachtwaechter.php

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