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the niu Home

Vegan and amazing!

Uncooked vegan, gluten-free wraps, sandwiches made from dinkel wheat, bowls, organic juices, and self-made baked goods. Welcome to the “Möhren Milieu” (roughly: the „Carrot Environment“) in Mainz. Great name—just as great as the food is.  

There are some out there that think vegan food is dry and tasteless and that its only benefit is that it is healthy. Get rid off those stupid prejudices. Here at the “Milieu”, in central Mainz, you will be converted. Trust us.

Nothing here is moldy or stuffy, guaranteed! The interior of the “Möhren Milieus” is ultra modern. You might just think you are sitting in a Skandinavian bar or a Berlin Café. There is a great smell wafting around the warm wooden tones and lovingly detailed designs. We will stay awhile.

Hip, hip. Hurray!

Yup, it is quite „hip“. And why shouldn’t it be. It is cozy, hurray! The most important thing about it is that everything tastes amazingly good. We tried, and the menu is worth a trip to Mainz. Is there more? 

Indeed there is: Need something without sugar or gluten? We got you covered.

Möhren Milieu 

Adam-Karrillon-Straße 5, 55118 Mainz

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10 - 20 h  // Sat, Sun & holidays 10 - 18 h

Tel.: 06131-8900842


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