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Motley and yet stylish

the niu Home

A paradise of high spirits

The overall concept of the niu Mood combines the high spirited lifestyle of Mainz with happy colors and opulent baroque themes. A brazen combination: an exuberant mixture of traditional forms and funny little abstractions in a motley hodgepodge. Playful details and colorful interiors help to create an area of well-being and invite you to come together. The open and inviting design of the reception area creates a serene atmosphere like a living room. Living Lobby, co-working space, and bar flow into each other. Urban flair and moments of awe are brought into the design by the expressive murals of Mainz’ own artist Henry J. Wintherberg.

Ambitious shift worker

“I like to experiment and try out new techniques. I like to test materials and try out how colors work with each other“, the artist Wintherberg explains. He works as a painter, sculptor, and object artist. Henry J. Wintherberg mixes oil, acrylic, and pigment, gypsum and gesso, brush and pencil—and combines it all in painting, printing, and reproduction. His work is multilayered and multifaceted. „My overarching theme is the superimposition, complexity, and alienation of things, that reflect in the different materials,“ Wintherberg explains. His paintings express this complexity and message via their monochrome core, overlain with colorful strokes. To really get the art of Henry J. Wintherberg, you got to see in person. And at the niu Mood you will have the opportunity to do so: be inspired by and explore the exclusive murals. 

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