Opposites attract

the niu Home

Sumptuous & Urban

The niu Square has taken on the task of modernizing the baroque impression of the city and bringing it to the 21st century. An interesting mixture of antique and modern interior create a unique atmosphere at the niu Square. Here, you can relax under splendid chandeliers while lounging on a designer couch with a hearty snack. Artist Jens Richter, who has designed the colorful art at the niu Square with yardstick, brush, and spray paint, will produce an even bigger WOW-effect. Mannheim is full of motley opposition—join us and become one of them.

Yardstick, Brush, and Paint

Street artist Jens Richter is a man of many talents. He draws, sprays, and paints. Some of his works are loud, some are quiet—but they are always impressive. Armed with a can of paint and creative ideas he has been beautifying the inner city of Mannheim for years. Jens Richter is going big. During your trip through Mannheim, you can see his street art everywhere. At the niu Square, you can start a scavenger hunt for his art. It’s rather easy to spot, as Richter has left some pretty big footprints at the hotel. Ready? Set. Go!

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