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Star-studded cuisine in Mannheim’s Mall

Wow, wow. wow. We will send you to Mannheim’s mall “Stadtquartier Q6Q7”. And in there, straight towards “Emma Wolf”, the best restaurant we have been to in quite a while. Haute cuisine, but regional. Period. Exclamation mark! The chef, Dennis Koch, is considered an up and comer and has earned his first Michelin star at Frankfurt’s “Sra Bua by Juan Amador“. His work at the “Emma Wolf” has received an impressive rating of 15 Gault Millau points.

An explosion of taste

Dennis and his team are getting a lot of things right. The bistronomy concept has blown up like crazy. You will enjoy their creative and modern fusion cuisine. Everything is based on traditional dishes but with fresh new accents. By the way: vegetarians and vegans are always welcome here—the selection is great. Overall, there are 12 dishes on the menu, with the addition of the „Emma Wolf Cooking Gang-Menu“. Amazing high end cuisine, without the fuss and stiffness of a luxury restaurant.

Even the ambience is worth mentioning. Subtle and modern, the room invites you in. The industrial look is cool, but not cold. Design lamps dangle above the tables, it looks serene and well-executed. The open kitchen is an experience: you can also feel the bustle behind the opulent bar, see and smell everything that normally remains hidden from view.

In short: “Emma Wolf” is one of the hottest tips in Mannheim. Go there, enjoy, and love it.

Adress: “Emma Wolf 1920”, Stadtquartier Q6 Q7, Mannheim

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