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The night is yours!

Why just choose one thing, when there is so much to see and to experience? In Mannheim’s artist quarter Jungbusch you can have it all! Why don’t you party all night in the countless bars and enjoy the night life in this high spirited part of the city. Bars are lined up here and every single one of them is different in its own way. The selection of drinks is manyfold, as is the audience. And one thing is guaranteed in each location: Fun! Jungbusch is the place to be - nowhere else will you be able to meet locals as easily. 

By the way: Our bar tips have been exclusively assembled by our niu Square employee Tamara: 

  1. Onkel Otto Bar: quaint, cozy, fluffy, and small. A perfect place for your kick off—a good way to start the evening. 

  2. Kiets König: This is where you can put on your dancing shoes and pick up the pace. This bar has it all in terms of music. (Note: This is Tamara’s favorite!) Very cool: the amazing golden 20s style. 

  3. Nelson: After the dance off, you can cool down here. It is a great venue for a conversation, get to know a few locals. Cool drinks, nicely mixed music, great atmosphere, and lots of design details from all around the world of shipping. (Tamara’s recommendation: try the Gin Tonic.) 

  4. Hagestolz: You want one more? The Hagestolz is the “go hard or go home” bar. Loud, wild, great!

You need some food? No problem for Jungbusch. Another hot spot recommendation by Tamara: Try the fantastic cuisine of the Peruvian restaurant “Mima!“ They have unbelievably tasty fish dishes (Ceviche), brazenly good marinated and grilled beef (Lomo Saltado) and delicious chicken stew (Aji de Gallina). And just as important: The service and the ambience are amazing too. The “Mima” will transport you to Latin America—right here in Mannheim. You won’t ever want to eat something else again.


  1. “Onkel Otto”, Jungbuschstraße 8, 68159 Mannheim

  2. “Kiets König”, Jungbuschstraße 18, 68159 Mannheim

  3. “Nelson”, Jungbuschstraße 30, 68159 Mannheim

  4. “Hagestolz”, Jungbuschstraße 26, 68159 Mannheim

  5. “Mima” - Peruanische Küche, Dalbergstraße 35, 68159 Mannheim

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