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Dance friends, dance!

Oh, what have we all missed those wild electronic dance nights full of ecstatic sounds and glitter on our faces. Pandemic abstinence was the order of the day for a long time - all the better is the information that Munich's electronic and techno scene has awakened again. “Haralds Kollektivgarten” on the festival meadow at Weißenseepark awaits you every day with delicious beats from the local DJ scene. Improvised but guaranteed energetic you dance with the sound virtuosos exuberantly under the stars. The party is organized by the local techno club “Harry Klein”. This crew knows how it's done!

So off to Weißenseepark with you - dance, stamp, cheer and celebrate life.

It's about time again! Not true?

Good to know: The dancing is absolutely free!

Also important: You can find more information about the Corona rules and the line-up on the website.


Festival meadow in the Weißenseepark
How to get there: It is best to take the underground (U2 to Untersbergstrasse or U1 to St.-Quirin-Platz), the Weißenseepark is only a few minutes' walk away
Opening times: Monday to Friday 4pm to 11pm; on the weekend 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. (closings: 10 p.m.)

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