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Let the games begin!

We'll send you to the Olympic Park. One knows. One knows? Hand on heart: With this recommendation, many of you take a negative attitude beforehand. Maybe out of fear of mass tourism or a boring park area full of nothing. Not even close. Fortunately, we made our way to the Olympiapark on foot, regardless of the reservations. Our the niu Brass at Moosacher Straße 45 is less than 10 minutes' walk from the park. Take a spontaneous stroll to relax, play mini golf, go skateboarding or inline skating or simply plan a cultural trip - either way, a visit to the Olympic Park is recommended.

Year-round fun

For example, you can look forward to the varied open-air cinema summer program, the “Summer in the City” festival, regular open-air flea markets or the “art and clutter” room - just to name a few of the wonderfully diverse cultural and event offers. One look at the website is enough. Here you will find year-round and recurring events and lots of unique surprise events.


Our extra tip:
Also visit the Olympic Village, also called Olydorf for short by the locals. Why? Because it's just plain cool! As a reminder: The Olympic Village was created in 1972 on the occasion of the Summer Olympic Games. Originally it served as accommodation for athletes and journalists. Long after the Olympics, nobody wanted in. Nobody wants to go out now. It is considered architecturally iconic and so it is not surprising that students have also settled in this microcosm. On the website https://olydorf.com/ you will find all the important information for newcomers, visitors and like-minded people. For example, visit the village's own beekeeping "Bienen im Olymp" and support this sustainable project by buying candles from its own beeswax house production. Or check out the village disco. Yes, this one is actually only reminiscent of boring diners full of tinsel and plastic disco balls because it has the same name. The Olydorf community knows how to do it. After all, you are in sociable Munich.

A treat at the end: You can support the creativity of the students by buying a calendar produced in the village. Various pin-up calendars were clearly the inspiration for this idea. We think this humorous adaptation is great. The workshop committee calendar 2021/22 costs 10 euros. Buy and laugh!

Don't forget: You are at home with friends. Ask at the niu Brass reception for a picnic basket and handcart. We are happy to provide you with local delicacies and the vehicle for your perfect Purdoortag in the Olympic Park.



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