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Vermouth. Vodka and cabaret.

This great combination is available in the Irkutsk Salon in Munich. There is one thing above all: pure and honest drinking pleasure! The main actor in the Irkutsk salon is vermouth! And you get it served here in all imaginable variations. Don't worry, if you don't know vermouth, you will also get a nice and guaranteed explanation about the legendary drink.

There's something about the atmosphere in the Irkutsk Salon. Either make yourself comfortable in the wooden furniture corner or at the red bar: No matter where: you will quickly immerse yourself in the bizarre but loving world of Russian bar culture. You can fill your stomach with unspeakable specialties such as pelmeni, vareniki and borscht and watch the changing exhibitions and let yourself be impressed. Or how about this? Regular live music acts, such as artists performing French or Russian chansons, enchant the already bizarre space of the salon with their performances.

And why salon Irkutsk?

The operators have a socially valuable and entertaining explanation for this: “The intelligentsia, ie a social class of people who are“ smart, understanding, knowing, thinking and creatively employed at a professional level and who contribute to the development and spread of culture ”is in Irkutsk increasingly to meet. Irkutsk is now a student city with a connection to the Trans-Siberian Railway and is known as the "Paris of the East" due to the charming architecture of the inner city. The idea behind the Salon Irkutsk is therefore to create a place that contributes to the cultural and artistic life here in Munich. "

Makes sense!

And the obligatory vodka? You can of course also find that in the Irkutsk Salon. And in the craziest varieties - from larch to pineapple. We only have to say: Na zdorovje! You can hang out undisturbed in one of your cozy rooms in the niu Brass.

By the way: the main human actor in the salon is connoisseur Daniel Richter. He ended his banking career at the age of 35 to devote himself to his passion for gastronomy and drinking culture. In 2015 he visited 27 of the top 50 bars in the world. From London and New York to Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai to Australia and Scandinavia, he made contacts and studied bar concepts and drink recipes. The result: his book "Cocktails mixed" was long among the top 25 * German top sellers in the beverage book sector.

Wir bringen es mal auf den Punkt: Im Salon Irkutsk seid in sehr, sehr guten Händen.

Salon Irkutsk
Isabellastrasse 4
80798 Munich

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