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Ever heard of the “Alte Utting”? The old tub used to be a passenger ship on the Ammersee before being converted into a restaurant, bar and concert location. The “Alte Utting” is the perfect place for a snack, a tasty drink, or a short or long stop over on your graffiti exploration tour through the meatpacking district called Bahnwärter Thiel. Graffiti in Munich? Hell, yeah! The area is changing, being bought up by investors and replaced with new high rises. So, you’d better be quick to get there and snap some pictures. The street art scene does not sleep - especially not here. The former meatpacking site is fascinating. The surrounding industrial area is even more bizarre. Have you ever wanted to shoot a dystopian film? Bahnwärter Thiel would be right on cue. 

Getting back to the „Alte Utting“: The “Utting“ is a bit of a motley space, and it feels like you might be in Northern Germany. She bizarrely sits on top of a railway overpass and that is just the beginning. There is more to it than just her location.

“Live music, great food, and a unique atmosphere - urban and cosmopolitan.“

Welcome aboard the “Alte Utting” - here you can find a sensational selection of culinary delights. How about African magical cuisine by Sarjo and Manell? Or rather some traditional treats from the Donnerwirt? Vegan barbecue? Try Siggi’s. Yummy crepes can be had at Moritz’ and Kustermann brings you the sweet deliciousness of ice cream and cake. Really, we’re serious: How amazing is this selection? We have set sail and will stay awhile.


Alte Utting, Lagerhausstraße 15, 81371 München


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