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Boring patterns begone!

No, seriously: If you are not from the southern parts of Germany, you might be a bit suspicious of the Dirndl and see it as traditional and nostalgic. Fashion label Noh Nee has fully resolved our suspicions though, no more prejudices from us. We now love the ultra traditional clothing style and are head over heels for it. 

Reaching far beyond the Bavarian borders the fashion studio has been noticed for its "Dirndl à l’Africaine“-creations. It might be their love for high quality fabrics and patterns inspired by Africa, combined with the style of traditional Dirndls. These creations by Rahmée Wetterich and Marie Darouiche are imbued with an enormous stopping power, as they say. These styles have never been seen before and are without a doubt gorgeous.

Many do not know

With the "Made to Measure“-service the studio offers the chance to create your own everyday look and get it tailor-made. Wow.


Noh Nee Atelier, Görresstr. 16, München

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