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White Heat

It all started with a vision: A concept store for a select group of designers in Munich. A space for interior design, art objects, living accessoires, jewelry, and all things beautiful. 

The vision soon became reality and the concept by Jessica and Stefan Kiefer was a major success. As curators, the couple had the perfect feeling for placing the designs and inspirations - three „Weißglut Design-Stores“ have already opened in Munich. And they are well worth it. 

Their ideas are clustered into kitchen, living, lighting, fashion, paper, gifts, and new. Visitors are invited to explore these clusters of modern, courageous and beautiful objects. Do you know the feeling of not really needing anything and still wanting it all? Jessica and Stefan invented it. In these stores you will want to have your credit card at the ready. Trust us. The stores can be found in Schwabing, Theresienhöhe and downtown. 

Life can be beautiful…


Weißglut Concept Stores:

Theresienhöhe 5, 80339 München

Hackenstraße 1, 80331 München

Hohenzollernstraße 8, 80801 München

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