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There are burgers and then there are Hempel’s burgers. As gourmets we test and sample our way through every city. And we don’t tire in getting all the culinary delights to you, so that you may try them too. The Hempel’s is such a delight. Everything is just right. The meat is certified and fairly produced, guaranteed to come from species-appropriate production, with lots of space for the animals, hay in the boxes and pasture feeding. The sauces are made inhouse. And the toppings, from sweet potato chips to bacon crunch or hashbrowns, give you an idea of just how dedicated the crew is. 

Every two weeks, the kitchen creates a new signature burger. Don’t worry though: this is no fancy BS, no new cuisine nonsense. We are talking about an authentic, great, gigantic big and tasty burger. No kidding: the size of these things is huge. If you like finger food or sample size, you should move on. 

Vegans and vegetarians should also consider a visit at the Hempel’s. The selection of meatless burgers is great. Our recommendation: “Rosemary” with juicy rosemary and sweet potato patty, brazen mountain cheese and braised onions.  

In short: the Hempel’s is one of the best burger joints that we know of. Get going! 

Great: Right in front of the shop, there is the lively and locally favored Petra-Kelly-Platz. Get your Nuremberg Red and enjoy the hustle and bustle. A must have experience during summer.

Hempels Burger
Gostenhofer Hauptstraße 58
90443 Nürnberg

Hempels Burger

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