Majestic & Minimalist

the niu Home

Smart strategy

Come on in: the niu Leo receives you with its majestic calm and its smart design concept. Nothing is random in here. Reduced forms and clever functionality create space for that certain feeling of Franconian hospitality. The cozy and stylish Living Lobby invites you to stay and relax. The warm wooden tones create a juxtaposition with the robust interior design elements and grey-black walls. In every category of room, the highly praised Bauhaus motto is followed: Form follows function. Every space is used efficiently and set to full advantage. Always in the gaze of a strong lion or courageous lioness. The motif of the big cats is part of our concept and makes each floor part of an impressive safari. A big thanks goes to artist Julian Vogel for all the wonderful moments of animal bliss.

Well roared, lion!

Julian Vogel has grown up with a spray can in hand. He started spraying when he was a mere 13 years old and has kept this feeling of freedom with him in his practice of street art. The 40 year old from Nuremberg has traveled the world and left his impressive art on buildings and walls everywhere. Like some kind of magic, his wonderful and abstract worlds appear out of nowhere and invite you to visit. Often his art is full of color and loud. Sometimes, though, it is fragile and soft. His style keeps changing. Julian Vogel loves to get inspired by new things, he grows and becomes more courageous. For him, progression is the key. And for us, Julian has tamed the beast and become the master of spray-acrobatics. At the niu Leo you can explore his larger than life murals.

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