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High Spirits from Bavaria

If you are thinking of whisky, several regions of this world come to mind, but Bavaria is certainly not one of them. In the middle of Nuremberg, in Northern Bavaria, there is the Ayrer´s whisky distillery, which has received awards for its organic single malt. And we are doubly impressed. For one, it is the only distillery that produces everything with organic raw materials. And second, that this organic whisky is traditionally Bavarian. Beer, of course, but whisky? You don’t like whisky? Trust us, after a tasting with the organic single malt, you will be converted by this incredible spirit. We will skip the flowery language of trying to describe its taste. We have learned that taste is quite individual and very subjective. Maybe a simple and trustworthy „tasty“ is sufficient. And even the service is impressive. The local brewery Altstadthof is a true allrounder. Their very own Nuremberg Red is also brewed by traditional recipe and with all organic raw materials. The popular red beer has been served here since medieval times. Lots of culture and great taste, back then and still today.

A very special service should be mentioned: Private Cask. Ayrer´s distillery offers its customers to distill their very own whisky. The experts define its base and quality, the rest is up to you. You choose the barrel, you determine the amund of time it will mature, and you will fill it yourself in a small ceremony. Good to know: In small barrels the maturation is more intense and takes less time). During maturation, you have the opportunity for a tasting every year, to check up on your own whisky. Even better: you can determine the design (logo, label, bottle) of your whisky. And of course you will get a certificate of ownership for your barrel. 3-5 years later, your very own private reserve whisky is ready to be collected and tasted. Sláinte!

We don’t know what you are up to during this summer, but we will be in Nuremberg - at the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof.


Bergstraße 19-21
90403 Nürnberg
0911 / 24 49 859

Sunday – Thursday 11am - 12pm
Friday and Saturday until 1am

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