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A quarter to fall in love with

Every city has this quarter, where everything is just a bit different. Louder, more color, faster, slower, defiant, modern, and somehow its own. In Nuremberg you will have to go to Gostenhof and see for yourselves which of these attributes is the most fitting. 

Asking the locals, everything is as it ever was. Asking the newcomers though, this is the new and hip quarter to be living in. Go on over and take a look for yourself, visit the enchanting quarter at the outskirts of the historic district. GoHo is worth a visit, for sure. Not just because of the many small and beautifully designed shops and the alternatively modern cafés and bars. Gostenhof can also be down to earth - partially saved from the latest wave of gentrification, here you can find old-growth general stores, international vegetable sellers, and all round the world culinary delights. 

A few of the countless pearls right here in Gostenhof have really caught our eye. For example, the small café taking care of all your worldly coffee needs. Coffee is not just a beverage here, it is a passion - that is what the brother and sister duo Sema and Cem, owners of the „Café Milch und Zucker“ told us. And you can taste this passion. Come in and hang out. At the „Milch und Zucker“ you will encounter modern art hanging from the walls, a relaxed atmosphere, and some of the best breakfast in town. You rather want something sweet? No worries, the cake is to die for, really tasty. Great: if the sun is out you can sit outside and watch GoHo’s hustle and bustle. Pro-Tip: You have to try the „Simit“, that is Turkish and means something like the „world-best sesame ring with smear“.

Last but not least, here is a fortune cookie of a different kind for you. Go and check out „Fachmarie“ at Fürther Straße 50. Named a „Glücksboutique“ (Boutique of Luck) - and we could not agree more. Looking for that special something for that special someone? Or just something magical or beautiful for yourself? No worries, here you will find what you need. There is a lot of love in this small store. Everything you see has been selected by hand and with love. It might even have been made by hand and sustainably produced. A visit to Fachmarie will make you happy. Promise!

Adresse: Nürnberg Gostenhof

flex! Vintage Second-Hand Design
Wiesentalstr. 3 / Hinterhof
90419 Nürnberg

Milch und Zucker
Fürther Straße 12
90429 Nürnberg

Fürther Straße 50
90429 Nürnberg

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