Campfire romance & high-tech

the niu Home

Perfect symbiosis

Relax in an atmosphere that reminds you of your outdoor moments while enjoying the comforts of top hotelerie. In Potsdam an der Havel, a perfect symbiosis of earthy design elements and state-of-the-art technology awaits you, in the form of a flat-screen TV with its own media library and Bluetooth soundbox.

The design combines rich forest green tones with rope details, leather elements and soft fabrics. Everything in your the niu Amity environment is designed for unpretentiousness. We want you to feel at home. Without a lot of chi chi - in a style world that grounds, relaxes and calms you. Remember your last walk in the woods?

The earth and green tones here are not chosen at random.

The alternation between the natural feel of many design elements and the play of natural colors, coupled with classic elegance, makes the niu Amity in Potsdam a perfect base for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the magic of Potsdam or simply relax with care.

Welcome home with friends!

Jurena Munoz

Jurena Munoz aka JU MU embraces the world with her art. Too colorful, too wild, too abstract - there is no such thing with JU MU. The Hanoverian with Chilean-Peruvian roots expresses her diverse interests and passions in her art: Shamanism and the connection between people, the spirit world and nature.

These themes serve as influences and inspirations for her masks, canvases or murals. In our the niu Amity in beautiful Potsdam, the artist has given free rein to her unbridled creativity. Magic happens when JU MU transforms a plain white wall into a fantastic and not least surreal painting.

We are very proud that the fantasist has ennobled our Potsdam Friendship Temple with her very personal touch.

You can find more info about JU MU here:

More info about JU MU's artist collective Guapo Sapo can be found here: Guapo Sapo (@guaposapos) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos