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Traveling to Potsdam as a family? We're excited for you! Rarely are there such sensible expeditions for young and old as in Potsdam's EXTAVIUM.

Welcome to the EXTAVIUM. What sounds like a Harry Potter spell is actually the name of the scientific hands-on world in beautiful Potsdam. This world is unique and inspiring. Where else can and may you actually lend a hand and "grasp" natural sciences by trying them out yourself? In the Extavium, this is indeed expressly desired. Immerse yourself in a world full of apparent wonders and experience with all your senses.

Dear parents: You and your children are in very good hands and will experience all sorts of fascinating things on your Extavium expedition with more than 80 interactive exhibits from physics, mathematics, biology, ecology, chemistry and computer science. How do you make chocolate kisses burst, how do you build interesting mazes for mice, and what does the Pythagorean theorem feel like? We are sure that one or the other result and experience will leave you with a lasting impression.

We can only warmly recommend a visit to the hands-on museum.

Sapere aude! (Have the courage to use your own mind!).

Also great: regular special events offer you unique leisure fun as a family. For current events and specials, check the website: https://www.extavium.de/


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Am Kanal 57

14467 Potsdam

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