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Coffee art at its best

"Basically, there is only one serious way to prepare espresso - by portafilter machine." With this clear statement, the Potsdam ESPRESSIONISTS welcome you to their website.

Coffee is art. That's it. And damn tasty. Exclamation mark.

We're not in just any coffee shop here. Welcome to the Espressionists, for whom making the perfect espresso or cappuccino is a serious craft. They want, according to an original quote, for the barista(s) to be perceived as an artist, ideally giving their guests a sensory getaway in Bella Italia. Oh, that sounds promising. Whoever waves the flag so loud and high must also deliver. And what can we tell you... Maybe the coffee at Nauener Tor and Gutenbergstrasse is the best we've ever had.

What do they do that others don't? Basically, we don't know. To be honest, it doesn't really matter. The fact is that a visit to the Espressionists in one of Potsdam's two coffee locations has addictive potential.

"Fully automatic machines?! Not with us. Never." (The Espressionists)

They live what they love. And they love what they live. You can feel and see that. Here no one has lost his way by chance, the preparation resembles a perfectionist dance. Every step is perfect, only at the end you realize that you were holding your breath while watching.

Applause. All the coffee specialties there deserve it. You have to trust us here. And because you won't be able to get enough afterwards, you should sign up for a barista-at-home course with the Espressionists as soon as possible.

Yes, making coffee is an art. But they actually believe it can be learned. And it can be done by anyone.

Their mission? Barista courses and consulting services all about coffee enjoyment. Whether you need help with your portafilter machine or preparing your favorite beans in in-depth, small-group courses.

The Espressionists could be another damn good reason to visit beautiful Potsdam soon, in addition to our the niu Amity. Welcome to friends at home!



The Espressionists
Gutenbergstrasse 27
14467 Potsdam


Nauener Gate (West Wing)
14469 Potsdam

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