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Anyone who thinks that Regensburg is “only” historical is seriously mistaken. The beautiful Regensburg is absolutely up to date - as you say. Culture may be tradition in this Bavarian city but it is lived and presented everywhere contemporarily and absolutely worth seeing. Off you go to the impressive Degginger coffee house and bar. The rooms are absolute interior-eye-catcher and the changing exhibitions offer every visitor a variety of inspirations on top. The Degginger shows the products, works and activity fields of the creative industries and culture in the city, the region and Europe.

The aim is to give these creative processes a showcase and, even more, to initiate a dialogue about the social, cultural and economic challenges of today and tomorrow. To us: successful. After the delicious Regensburg coffee, we go ahead and order a fantastic red wine from the region.
The Degginger audience is as diverse as its program. Exhibitions, concerts, readings, lectures – the Degginger is made to welcoming you. You can feast, drink, just relax or work silently. No matter what you do at the Degginger: you will love it. And want to come back.

Wahlenstrasse 17
93047 Regensburg

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