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Eating with tradition

The oldest sausage roasting place in the world is located in - well, where? - beautiful Regensburg. Established over 500 years ago, this small Wurstkuchl has grown in charm, quality and popularity. The people of Regensburg love their sausage roasting place and tourists are fascinated by the ambience (which is reflected in the tradition). And everyone agrees when saying: It tastes fantastic. Anything does!!

Stonemasons and dock workers already ate here as early as the Middle Ages.

Much has changed since then, but some things have remained untouched for good reason: The open charcoal grill, the sausages from the in-house butcher's, the sauerkraut from the in-house krautkellerei (where sauerkraut is made) and the famous Wurstkuchl-mustard based on a historical recipe. At the Wurstkuchl the overall concept matches everywhere. But be careful: if you are looking for old-fashioned details, you will be disappointed. The love for history is definitely celebrated but the desire for the modern is noticeable. The service is great, the digital presence is cool and almost humorous and the range of in-house products in the online shop is simply awesome. Either way, when you are in Regensburg, as a meat eater, you just cannot get past the Wurstkuchl.

Why would you?

Historic sausage kitchen aka Wurstkuchl
Thundorferstrasse 3
93047 Regensburg

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