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Where the old things live

Friends of old things watch out: Abel Josef from Regensburg has collected for you. Anything, really anything you need, was found in the chaotic-looking rooms of the Regensburg household dissolver. Mr. Abel has a keen eye for what is useful and valuable. This shop is dangerous, hereby you are officially warned. Once entered, you will be pushed into a different universe.

You don't know where to look fist and you want to touch everything.

You will find bizarre things, hidden true collector's treasures, things which remind you about the “past”, colorful, bright, antique and a lot of retro stuff. Life is so beautifully diverse. That definitely can be seen here. And style is well known unique. So, anyone will find something here.

Trödelhalle Regensburg

Regensburg Junk Shop
Jägerbergstrasse 1
93173 Regensburg / Gonnersdorf

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