A work of art made of light and shadow

the niu Home

Galactic precision landing

The niu Star takes you on a luxurious descent with countless wow effects. Everything here is perfectly styled down to the smallest detail. The niu Star is practically the Mercedes Benz among the niu oases. Pure elegance meets a casual club atmosphere. Here you stand in the spotlight and always look fantastic. This is mainly due to the sophisticated lighting on the ceilings and walls, which provide charming reflections and make your complexion shine. Materials such as leather and metal in silver / chrome underline the dynamic design concept and bring the elegant, lively Benz character to life three times over. But don't worry: in the niu Star you sit at the wheel and determine the speed. Here you can shift down a few gears in a relaxed manner and go on a small, fine design journey at walking pace. Let yourself be surprised - there is a lot to discover!