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The ultimate thrill!

Action. Get out of the Zoom meeting and into the fun: Adrenaline-charged hours await you in the Sindelfingen SOCCERARENA. How about archery? If you're thinking of antiquated bows à la Robin Hood, you're sorely mistaken: the sport, also known as Archery Tag, was created from the sports of paintball and dodgeball. Remember? In dodgeball it's about decimating the opposing team by firing shots. Exactly this idea was brought into the Arrow Tag. Unlike classic dodgeball, however, opponents are now shot down with bows and arrows. The highlight: The inflatable covers give the game a tactical character and therefore the sport is particularly team-building.

It gets even crazier

How about bubble soccer? Don't you know it? You have to try it out! It's the classic game of soccer, but in body-sized inflatable bubbles. It sounds as crazy as it is. The focus here is on having fun. Winning becomes a secondary goal. Believe us. 
No matter what you choose: A day in the Soccer Arena is a day full of adrenaline, sweat and fun. Wonderful and perfect for all those who need a sporty balance or just want to switch off. See you on the bubble field!



​​Soccer Arena Sindelfingen GmbH

Schwertstr. 5 | 71065 Sindelfingen

Telefon: 07031/7242009


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