Long live the Bauhaus-style

the niu Home

Elegant spirit of optimism

Our the niu Form follows the motto “form follows function”, where there is no space for kitsch and squiggles. The founders of the Bauhaus-style changed the way of living and established a puristic design. By using natural materials like wood, leather, stone and delicate furniture, the niu Form created a welcoming living room atmosphere. A small, fine oasis of design with a lot of space for clear thoughts and inspiring conversations. The good connection to the airport, museums and theatres makes our the niu Form the perfect spot for frequent flyers and art-lovers. You will be surprised!

Mural King

Alexander Isakov is a worldwide famous and celebrated street artist. He leaves his imposing and artistic marks in urban spaces and also as part of various interior concepts.

Isakov has already impressively demonstrated his talent in our houses the niu Mesh in Stuttgart and the niu Fender in Amsterdam. The relationship between architecture and ornamentation is his source of inspiration.

Filigree patterns, architectural structures and colors set as accents - this is the character of his art. Isakov stands for bravery. He manages to transcend genres and drawers - and impresses. Something new, fictional, utopian - that's Isakov as we love him!

We are once again impressed by his work and proud that Alexander Isakov has now also left his mark on us at Stuttgart's the niu Form.

You can find more information about his work and his inspirations on his Instagram Account