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Feuerbach-Kiez – the multiverse

No news from the East? We bet you! Welcome to the Feuerbach district in Stuttgart. Literally just a stone’s throw away from our the niu Form you will find the most multicultural street in this neighborhood: Let’s go to the most northern shopping mile of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Barber shops, household supply stores, furniture stores… there is nothing you can’t find in the Mauserstrasse! Be prepared to feel wanderlust and enjoy the smell of oriental spices; this place supposedly sells the best Ayran in the world! Listen to Turkish, Arabic, Hindi and German at the supermarket – colorful and multicultural. You will know that you are in Frankfurt but feel like you are some place far.

You are in the East of Stuttgart, that means a lot.

Find hidden art galleries and studios and a lot of kids in every backyard. The East of Stuttgart, especially the Feuerbach district is known for being very family-friendly, which is not surprising. The nearby located forest area is a paradise for strollers and all the playgrounds make it the perfect green oasis for families. There is more: The braves ones of you will make it through the forest to cannonball into the Dürrbach lake. Enjoy a wonderful day of swimming inbetween trees and meadows, stroll around and find your inner child.

Eventually, when you are soaking wet, happy and exhausted from all the swimming, we recommend you to visit one of the many restaurants in this picturesque forest.

“Such a perfect day!” – Lou Reed couldn’t have said it any better.

Feuerbach extra tip: Lace up your running shoes and enjoy a relaxed run through the park near the Villa Berg. What a beautiful route!


Dürrbach lake:
Approximately 15 minutes by train (U15) from Stuttgart’s center.
Wanderparkplatz (parking lot) right next to the Waldebene Ost.

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