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The Weissenhof district – a house is a house but not here.

Attention! Let’s go back in time but don’t worry; you won’t get bored. Architectural history has been made in the Weissenhof district in Stuttgart since 1927. 17 international architects present 33 house projects under the artistic leadership of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The involved architects are superstars in their territory: Walter Gropius, Hans Scharoun and Le Cosbusier to just name a few.

Those who get goose bumps know what they can expect. We also recommend everyone else to visit and discover this historical place. It is best to start at Le Corbusier’s and Perre Jeanneret’s double housing unit in Stuttgart where since 2006 you can find the Weissenhof museum. This museum is the only open house for visitors in the Weissenhof district. Do you need another wow-factor? Le Corbusier’s double housing unit was declared UNESCO World Heritage in July 2016…

What can you expect?

The development and history of the Weissenhof district as well as its 17 architects, designs, photos and plans are being presented in the left house half. The right half shows Le Corbusier’s draft of a “transformable house” from 1927.

This is the right place for those who fancy form, function and design – a must-see for all architecture of architecture and architectural history.

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