Run, Forrest, Run!

the niu Home

A great start into the day

Is there anything better than to be outside, early in the morning when the dew is still on the gras and the air is crisp. Not much. You love to run? Then the ultimate track to do so is at Stuttgart’s Zettachwald. This lush broadleaf woodland is a nature reserve—perfect for a run. We would recommend the early bird-run—which is truly the best, the sun peaking out over the hills of Stuttgart. Amazing!

The best about it: you can start your run directly at the niu Mesh.

  • Step out of the hotel and turn left. Start your run at „Vor dem Lauch“. 

  • Cross the street car tracks and follow the signs to “Zettachring” then at the bend in the road head on into Zettachwald (see the map for details).

There are two routes: One for a shorter run (length: 4 kilometers) and one for a bit more distance (length: 6 kilometers). And the best for last: after your morning sprint, we welcome you to a tasty and lasting breakfast at the hotel. Good morning in Stuttgart.

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