Room with a view in Amsterdam

the niu Home

Staying in touch and in style

A walk through the hallways of the niu Fender feels like flipping through the pages of an interior design magazine. This place has already become the home planet of style to bloggers, influencers, and creatives. The design concept of Dutch architect Robert Mulder shines due to its clever and fantastic feeling for contrast, the use of rough materials and their visual blending with fine, smooth surfaces. Elements such as wood, leather, glazed tiles and lots of steel mirror the industrial charm and craftsmanship of the harbor’s quarter. Using classical and elegant colors such as dark green, black, and ocher emphasize the stylish whole. And don’t forget: the unique furnishings and eye-catchers, such as the large, hanging Vertigo lamps in the inviting Living-Lobby. The nui Fender is an extraordinary, stylish, and modern place of community - without ever losing its cozy and typically the niu living room flair. A source of energy for inspiration and sociability - with the best local recommendations. Need more convivial material for a chat? Check out art collective Guapo Sapo’s amazing street art at the niu Fender. We are quite taken!

Guapo Sapo is a street art collective, consisting of the artists ISAKOV, JU MU and KRASHKID. In our the niu locations in Aschheim, Stuttgart, and Esslingen the three talents have made quite the graphical impression. For the niu Fender the collective has united their superpowers and designed graphic murals that show Amsterdam through their combined lens. This includes classic associations like boats, anchors, bikes, and windmills. But there is also the urban, fashionable, and throbbing life of the city, which finds entry into their expressive murals, that reflect the groups easygoing charm as well. We are quite the fans!

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