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Let’s get science-y…

Interactivity is key. Those among you with kids will support this statement wholeheartedly. Nothing is more valuable than interactive entertainment that playfully engages kids with knowledge. And THAT is exactly what you will find at the amazing NEMO museum for science, right here in Amsterdam.

An adventure playground on five floors

The NEMO has taken on the task of creating a hands-on experience of physics, biology, chemistry, and engineering. You can test and experiment - you can run free. And what’s really great about it: Everyone can participate. If you were thinking of the NEMO as a kind of ball pit, where you just stick your kids and take care of being an adult - you are so wrong … Here, you can have some family time. And trust us when we say, you will love it.  

Reaction games with chains, ginormous soap bubble experiments, laboratory set ups, maker rooms, film showings, and lots more. At the NEMO they have a motto: Don’t ever say it won’t work. Great: One of the highlights is a visit to the rooftop terrace of the museum. There you can enjoy the spectacular view of one of Europe’s most interesting cities and just see the sunset. 

In short: At the NEMO all of your senses will be on high alert - one day at this museum is an emotional and exciting adventure for the whole family. Where else would you tell your kids that touching things is mandatory?

By the way: This recommendation was made by our the niu Fender hotel manager Alexander - he likes to bring his family to the NEMO and spend some together-time there.  

Address: Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam

Current opening hours are posted on the museums website.

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