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The other side of Amsterdam

We won’t dissuade you to visit the usual sights, true. Why should we? The canals and hot spots are all worth a visit. But Amsterdam has more to offer than just that. In truth, the Dutch beauty is full of hidden gems. We have put them all together into this perfect one day exploration tour. You’ll love it. 

And why not start off with a cliché: Get your bikes (the typical Dutch variety) at the niu Fender and put some grease into it!  

Your tour starts at the waterfront, or „’t Ij“ as the locals call it. You can just take your bike onto the ferry, finding the entrance at the northern side of the main station. Your first stop is Ijhallen. There you can find Europe’s biggest and most extravagant flea market. If you ask us, this is a great alternative to the more often recommended “9 Streets” flea market, where tourists fight over new-found treasures. Ijhallen is the perfect place for those of you seeking hidden treasures. You will find everything there to let your vintage or second hand hearts skip a beat: old vinyl rarities, gorgeous furniture, cool clothes … it is so worth it!

After our little treasure hunt, we recommend a short break at the Pllek, the city beach in the middle of an old industrial area. A true hot spot for locals, who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city. This is the perfect place to get to know the Amsterdamers and just hang out a bit. 

To get back to the inner city, take the same ferry and make one of the hardest decisions of your life: Either you ride along the water to Hannekes Boom. A beautiful places beyond belief and exude that lazy summer vibe. It is perfectly suited for letting the day pass into night: tasty drinks, delicious food offerings, and the serene atmosphere to enjoy the sunset. 

We wish you a great day in Amsterdam and say: Haast en spoed zijn zelden goed.

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