Got Milk? We sure do …

the niu Home

At Home in Wonderland

the niu Dairy is locally inspired - aided by our dairy factory history, you will find a lot of musical themes. That is our connection to Haarlem today. At the Zijlsingel quarter, there is the concert hall Patronaat - a known local Haarlem hot spot for alternative pop - and you can feel this beat at the niu. There are decorations on our walls, such as cow hides, golden cow heads, milk can lamps, but also covers from vinyl records and pictures of local musicians. 

the niu Dairy is like a small museum of Haarlem and blends together the past and the future. Families, friends, and couples can start their discoveries here. Another highlight of the present is the amazing street art by international artist Bobbie Serrano, who has made this place even more magical. If you don’t check in here, you’ll miss out on all the fun.

Birds in the sky

Artist Bobbie Serrano is a well-established name in Hamburg’s street art scene.

Abstract images of birds have become his trademark. He works on reduced, geometric forms, but quite a lot of them. „The birds are just triangles, circles and rectangles. But I play with them and at the end they congregate as abstract works. That is why my work remains interesting to me, too“, Serrano says. Bobbie works with oil crayon, spray- and water colors, mostly on canvas or wood. He creates large-scale murals and statements too big to miss, for non-profit organizations. He used to be a social worker, thus social justice is a matter close to his heart. We are more than happy to have this wonderful friend, Bobbie Serrano, at the niu Dairy - his birds have found a great home to nest. 

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