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Trendy, casual and welcoming: at the niu Loom you will immediately notice the city’s cool character. We offer a direct line to Manchester’s inner city and we are the perfect place for leisure or business travelers. But we are also the base camp for adventures - for football fans, cultural aficionados or party people. Here you are our friend and we will be your insider. As long as you feel at home!

Good to know: The name Loom goes back to Manchester's industrial heritage and its countless weaving mills and thousands of automated looms. 

Reception the niu Loom Hotel in Manchester

the niu Loom

2 Irish Town Way
Manchester, United Kingdom
Entrance the niu Loom Hotel in Manchester

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Playful and down to earth

The cosmopolitan niu Loom offers an amazing location and a piece of real history of craftsmanship. The Loom delights with its clever industrial mixture and modern, playful interior designs. Wonderfully laid back and yet impressively set up. The inviting and stylish interior invites you to lounge and dine. At the niu Loom you will want to sit down and come back.

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wall art Bjoern Holzweg
wall art Bjoern Holzweg
wall art Bjoern Holzweg

What’s new in the city?

This is where the party starts … at the niu you are amongst friends. With us, you will get to meet locals from the neighborhood and receive the inside scoop on where to be in the city.

89% Based on 2187 Rating
Cleanliness 93%
Service 90%

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