Playful and down to earth

the niu Home

Stay a while in style

The niu Loom combines unique design with interior storytelling inspired by Manchester’s weaving history. Industrial designs, graphics with weaving themes, and a larger-than-life tapestry of looms mirror the craftsmanship that built this city. Lovingly detailed twists of weaving, colorful accents in woven optics, and stylish interiors all make for a great concept, perfectly making the niu Loom a special place to rest and feel at home. For couples, friends, families, business travelers, and locals alike the niu Loom is a giant living room: to feel at home and to meet friends. There is a lot of urban art to be found here—for small and large, on all of our floors. Street artist Björn Holzweg has made a lasting impression here, and raised the city of Manchester onto a pedestal.

Taming Cubism

The art of Björn Holzweg finds its way into painting, drawing, sculpting, and watercolors. His artistic roots are in comics and graffiti culture. The former sprayer from Leipzig discovered his love for street art and Cubism when he moved to Hamburg in 2004. His work is built on the shifting of perspectives and the compartmentalization of reality into geometrical forms. And they reflect his urban lifestyle. At the niu Loom, Björn Holzweg explores the multilayered city of Manchester via his street art—famous places, legendary musical history of the band Joy Division. We are amazed and stunned. You will be, too!

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