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Nice to meet you, Manchester!

Welcome to Manchester! The second largest city in Great Britain and without a doubt one of the most exciting places to visit in the North of England. Manchester is more alive than ever—proud of its history, its music scene, and its football clubs. 

There is lots to see, lots to do, and lots to enjoy. We have a few “hidden gems” for you to explore. For a perfect day, in a city that will sweep you off your feet.

Start your exploration at Victoria Station—one of Manchester’s oldest Metro-stations. There are tons of photo opportunities here. The iconic architecture is stunning. Stroll along Deansgate (with its length of more than one mile the longest street in downtown) towards the Great Northern Complex. The former distribution and sales building for railway goods has been converted into a center full of amazing restaurants, a casino, and lots of other leisure activities. 

How about a short work out of a different kind? At Whistle Punks Axe Throwing, you can do … well, just that: throw a few axes. Yes, it is just as crazy as it sounds. But it is also a ton of fun!

At Manchester Market Street your tour continues. Here, you can find a variety of small shops and the legendary Arndale Indoor Shopping Centre. Shop ‘til you drop or just hop over to one of the many bars and enjoy a cool drink.

Speaking of Bars & Beers: Matt and Phred’s is our absolute favorite bar in Manchester. They offer a stunning selection of tasty beers and some of the best Jazz in town. 

If you are looking for a quieter venue or something a little sweeter, we do recommend the best cocktails in town for a night cap at the Washhouse. This special kind of bar is a speakeasy and will turn back the clock to the prohibition era, when selling alcohol was strictly forbidden. During this time “speakeasy bars'' were invented. Hidden, unassuming, and always worth a visit. Behind closed doors, people danced, drank, and partied—in short: this was the life of the town. The Washhouse adapts this kind of atmosphere and welcomes you through a door hidden behind a washing salon. This salon offers (just as its historical precursors) a lot of amazing cocktails and an exuberant vibe—get to know the locals and enjoy your evening at one of Manchester’s most unusual locations.

Good to know:

You will need to reserve a table at the Washhouse in advance. But this little hassle is worth it, trust us.

Dear Manchester! It's been a pleasure! We'll be back!

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