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Anyone traveling to Cologne enters one of the most hospitable metropolises, ah, worlds. Here you can feel "Kölle, du bes e Jeföhl!" at every corner.

When someone speaks Kölsch, I feel right at home...".

The people of Cologne are, let's say, different. Wonderfully and enchantingly unique. They have their own language, their own culture and even their own laws in this friendly metropolis on the Rhine. The "Kölner Grundgesetz" (Cologne Basic Law) comprises 11 quintessentially Cologne rules that provide a guideline for all situations of everyday life and togetherness.

The kiosk capital of the country allows you uninhibited consumption of drinks and fast food on the run. You want to meet "real Cologne people"? Just hang out from kiosk to kiosk and toast to life with a coffee or Kölsch beer from the bottle.

Cologne Cathedral, the Agnes district or the banks of the Rhine are definitely must-sees of the carnival stronghold, no question about it. But if you want to get off the beaten track during your city trip, trust our Local Hero secret tips.

We are Cologne. And we'll show you where to find us.

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