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The city of the „Pott“ (the famous coal-mining area of Germany) is full of surprises. Essen is green, cosmopolitan, and crazy romantic. A glitter canon full of emotions.

Essen gets it right with its honesty, laid-back charme, and Ruhrpott-romanticism. Our the niu Cobbles will have you glowing for some memorable days or even weeks in this former city of coal. In Essen, boredom is a no-go and why would you have it? There is a cornucopia of art, culture, history, and culinary delights. „So, buddy, listen — no need to be Johnny Newcome, just dig this city and enjoy!“

the niu Cobbles


Reception the niu Cobbles Hotel in Essen

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Exterior view the niu Cobbles Hotel in Essen