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Hello and welcome to the city of emperors and everyday poets. It is a magnificent city, with lots of charme and culture and a quality of life that you just gotta love.

Vienna, capital of Austria, owns all the romanticism and the kitsch in the world. With its unique Empress-Sissi-take-a-bow-backdrop, the horse-drawn carriages, the castles, and the baroque monuments, it is an enchanting place to visit. But taking a look behind the curtain is also quite worth the while. Cool, modern, and nonchalant - that is Vienna as well. It’s got lots to offer: trendy cafés, great street art, and backyard open airs. The niu Franz is your home away from home in Vienna - with the best local insider tips.

OG Image the niu Franz in Vienna
OG Image the niu Franz in Vienna

the niu Franz


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