At home with friends - authentic, cosmopolitan, and inviting

the niu Home

We invite you to become part of the history that every one of our hotels tells: inspiring, distinct, unique.

We infuse the niu with passion, humor, and a love for the details to shape it into what it is: your home with friends. Every one of our hotels is a strong part of its neighborhood community. We connect you with the locals - confident, direct, and without complications. The niu is modern and dynamic, and our hotels are individual urban places of empowerment. Every one of our hotels tells its own unique story, inspired and shaped by its neighborhood, by the culture and history of its city. The results can be seen as oases of well-being with lots of character and a cosmopolitan charm - for every customer. Our vision is to make your travels as unique as possible, to be approachable and create an experience for you, to let you become part of our the niu history. We are your friends and your home!

To friendship!

We are big fans of the Millerntor Gallery Hamburg and support “Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.” The non-profit organization is a network of people and institutions that fight for worldwide and humane access to clean drinking water.  Our social responsibility lies in bettering the health situations of people and to support any initiatives in this endeavor. At the niu hotels our guests will find a „Viva con Agua Wall“, which has information on projects of the initiative and gives an overview of their work in Africa, Europe, India, and Asia.

To art!

At every the niu hotel there are inspiring and urban art pieces to be discovered. Some are loud, some are quiet — but all of them are unique. In cooperations with “Viva con Aqua Arts” and the Millerntor Gallery Hamburg, up-and-coming artists create amazing and distinct paintings and thus leave their very own street art mark at each hotel. The contemporary and urban wall designs emphasize our sustainable hotel concept and create a unique the niu experience.

To our „hood“!

We love our neighborhoods. And the people that live there with us. That is why we support local designers and shops, whose products can be discovered and purchased at our the niu shops. Here you will find carefully selected regional products. For yourself, for your apartment, as a memento, or as a gift. Have fun!