Naturalness and floral beauty

the niu Home


Abstract floral motifs in watercolor style create a feeling of lightness. Pastel colors complement this impression and create a cozy atmosphere. The alternation between the natural feel of many design elements and the interplay of floral elegance makes our the niu Flower in Constance the perfect base for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the magic of the small town at Lake Constance or simply relax in style. We also offer you a perfect selection of state-of-the-art technology in the form of a flatscreen TV and Bluetooth soundbox. What more do you need?

In short: we want you to feel good. Without a lot of chi chi - in a world of style that relaxes, calms and inspires you. Do you remember your last walk through a meadow of flowers?

The overall design concept was not chosen at random and gives our house a uniquely natural character.

Welcome home with friends!

Floral street art

Armed with a folding rule, paintbrush and spray can, street artist Jens Richter demonstrates his versatile talent at the niu Flower. His skills: Drawing, spraying and painting. His works of art: sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, but always impressive.

He has been enriching Mannheim's cityscape for years with his creative ideas and a spray can in his hand. Jens Richter always thinks big and leaves lasting impressions. He has also left the traces of his artistic work with us.