The best of many worlds

the niu Home

Time travel through a modern lens

The unique ambience of the cabin of the zeppelin „Hindenburg“ is brought back to life through innovative designs at the niu Air. Somewhere between Palmengarten and the Frankfurt fairgrounds your time travel begins  - 1930s’ elegance, reinterpreted by modern design is guaranteed to help you relax on your business travel or city trip. In all, the concept offers - in perfectly harmonious symbiosis - a creative space for the colorful paintings of artist Joséphine Sagna. The niu Air has got it all - everything you need, in order to take off in Frankfurt.

Female power on the wall

Joséphine Sagna mostly thematizes questions of identity, often of multiethnic women of color, in her expressive and colorful paintings. The artist with German and Senegalese roots is bridging the divide between digital media and classic painting. Her motives are interwoven with a variety of self-expressions on Instagram, reinterpreted in her powerful paintings. Joséphine’s art is a wonderful addition to the hotel design, and thus another great reason to come and visit us in Frankfurt.

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