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Street Art for everyone!

Gaudily colored wall art, some of which even stretches across several floors. In Halle an der Saale, impressive XXL graffiti and abstract masterpieces have been beautifying the gray and somber buildings of the Freiimfelde district. Responsible for this is the amazing Freiraumgalerie („open air gallery“) - a collective of artists, city planners, residents, and educators. They have taken on the job of making the dismal area with its many abandoned buildings livable again by providing a new coat of color. And not just one, many colors. The result is an urban gallery with lots of wow!

Urban, colorful, and instagrammable!

The volunteer project of artists started in 2012. The Freiraumgalerie wanted to bring back color to the lives of people from the squalid Landsberger Straße in Halle-East, allowing residents to participate in art workshops and letting them help in designing their own habitats. By now, the former art project has become a city planning office for spatial design. Sounds a bit stiff, but it is not. Their values and the way they do things have not changed—they are still cool, urban, and metropolitan. And they still do deep dives into subculture.

Amazing and exciting street art guided tours at the quarter Freiimfelde!

You can book your individual tour guide at the Freiraumgalerie and follow them to more than 70 impressive artworks on walls, masonry, junction boxes, and much more. Ranging in dimension from small to larger-than-life. In addition, you will hear a lot of great stories about the artists and the development of the art. Perfect for families, couples, and friends. Good to know: The niu Ridge is accessible on foot, just in case you need to recharge your batteries for more photographs.

Freiraumgalerie,  Freiimfelde, 06112 Halle (Saale)

Open 24/7.

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