Casting your anchor in style

the niu Home

Historic, colorful, and urban

Come on in, into this cosmopolitan salon of northern serenity: The niu Rig is a cozy place for exchange, work, or simply chilling. Families meet here, friends, couples, or business people, and of course locals – the casual and maritime ambience is inviting to everyone. You can find a well-made mixture of elegance, history, and colorful character. Something old blended with the new, a fitting concept for the niu Rig. The rough wooden texture and the modern blue-turquoise color scheme married to reveal Lübeck’s history. Somewhere between fish wallpaper, sailing motives, and the salty attitude of seamen, the heritage elements of the house provide the typical niu contrast. Check out cool details, such as the paddle and anchor coat racks, whose DIY spirit is catching, or the flamboyant paintings of artist Julia Benz, which might just feature next in your Insta-story. If you cast your anchor at the niu Rig, you can take a deep dive into a world of experiences – with lots of Ahs! and Ohs! to take home. Have fun! 

The fabulous world of Julia Benz

„Colors are emotions. To me, they shock and fascinate, all at once. They dare me, all the time, to mediate between the dominance of the colors and the sensuality of painting“, Julia Benz explains her passion. She loves her work, you can tell immediately. Her memorable paintings are large, full of powerful colors, wild and lucid at the same time. The Berlin resident has chosen to celebrate the border between that which we see everyday and that which is elusive from us in its mystical nature. The abstraction of experience in nature is paired with urban motives, people, and the everyday. „Sometimes when I have done a painting that I really, really like, it will stay in my workshop for weeks. I have to look at it and enjoy it. That is an intimate moment. When it is done, then I am relieved and proud.“ We are too. Especially for this unique artist to have worked on our hotel. She has magically transformed the niu Rig with her work. 


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